Pre-Order Weighed Down Fortune

Our new full-length album Weighed Down Fortune is now available for pre-order. Pre-Ordering the album helps us to pay for the mastering and dot the i's before it gets to your ears. In addition to a digital download of the album, with the pre-order you will receive a mystery treat in the mail : )

Weighed Down Fortune was produced by Sam Owens and Jacob Blumberg, recorded at Black Lodge (engineered by Jacob Blumberg, Sam Owens, and Vishal Nayak), and mixed at Figure 8 by Jacob Blumberg and Sam Owens. It features the likes of Katie Vogel, Ian McLellan Davis, Ian Chang, Spencer Zahn, Booker Stardrum, Ross Edwards, Angelica Bess, Renata Zeiguer, and Angelo Spagnolo with cover art by David Foarde.

Pre-Order ($12)