Pre-Order Weighed Down Fortune

Our new full-length album Weighed Down Fortune is now available for pre-order. Pre-Ordering the album helps us to pay for the mastering and dot the i's before it gets to your ears. In addition to a digital download of the album (scheduled for release January 2017), with the pre-order you will receive a mystery treat in the mail : )

Weighed Down Fortune was produced by Sam Owens and Jacob Blumberg, recorded at Black Lodge (engineered by Jacob Blumberg, Sam Owens, and Vishal Nayak), and mixed at Figure 8 by Jacob Blumberg and Sam Owens. It features the likes of Katie Vogel, Ian McLellan Davis, Ian Chang, Spencer Zahn, Booker Stardrum, Ross Edwards, Angelica Bess, Renata Zeiguer, and Angelo Spagnolo.