Photo by  Sasha Arutyunova

Relatives - Ian McLellan Davis and Katie Vogel - met upon arrival to New York City in 2007 and have been singing and writing together since. Over the years, we have been paring down and turning inwards, exploring what can be done with less. Our new album, Strange We Fall, was released on Figure & Ground Records in August 2018.

Strange We Fall came about by “not over-fussing for too long about something and just kind of seeing what comes out,” says Ian McLellan Davis. “I think we can get pretty ahead of ourselves sometimes and it’s more complex than we intend it to be. This was an attempt to really simplify and try the same idea for a while.”

Katie Vogel adds: “there was a quicker turnaround than usual between writing and recording; these songs still feel really fresh. What these songs are about, at least for me, are subjects I’m still processing. So, even the process of recording was part of working through. That was kind of strange. Usually, we’ll have worked on songs for a couple years and then record them.”